Photos and info on T-50 N91088 - "The Parts Plane"

Historical Information supplied by Michael McMurtrey, Carrollton, Texas on June 10, 2010:

(N91088 is) extremely historically significant airplane. It is one of eleven I have so far identified as being assigned to theĀ 318th Army Air Forces Flying Training Detachment, Avenger Field, Sweetwater, TX (the WASP training base). It was involved in a landing accident at Westbrook, TX, 24 June 1943, and a taxiing accident atĀ Avenger Field, 18 November 1943.

Of these known eleven airplanes assigned to train WASPs, six were sold surplus at the end of the war, but yours is the only survivor. Her serial number 2688 (USAAF 42-14004) makes her an AT-17D/UC-78C (originally ordered as AT-17A for the RCAF, with British serial FJ427 also assigned, but taken over by the USAAF as an AT-17D and redesignated UC-78C prior to delivery).

Click here for a PDF document including all the FAA form 337's for N91088.

Below, from Michael McMurtrey:
I have no info as to where/when it was taken, but credit goes to "Clint Groves via Michael McMurtrey." Clint, who died this past June 30, was a Spartan-trained airline mechanic and an avid airliner enthusiast & photographer/slide trader. For years he ran the very first airline hobby mail order business, Airliners America/Air Transport Photography, from his house in South San Francisco and later San Jose, CA. The slide is from his estate.

This is the art work on the door of N91088, the "parts plane" that was just completed by R.T. Foster of Dallas, TX. The image is of Fifinella the cartoon mascot of the WASPS in Sweetwater, TX (WWII training base). This aircraft is currently awaiting restoration at The National WASP WWII Museum in Sweetwater, Texas.

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